Traveling Yogis: Behind the Scenes

This is a special blog dedicated to the foundation of the Traveling Yogis’ project to teach yoga across the country, which all starts in 15 days! And, what better day to share the 15 destinations that Sarah, Niki, and I will be teaching at to spread the love of yoga than on June 15th! I guess 15 is our lucky number 😉 Above, you will see a visual map of our route, and below, a typed out list:

  1. July 4- Lulu Lemon- Naperville, IL
  2. July 6- Abhyaasa Yoga- Naperville, IL
  3. July 7- Balance Hot Yoga- Cedar Falls, IA
  4. July 8- Rapid City Yoga- Rapid City, SD
  5. July 15- Sol Yoga- Seattle, WA
  6. July 16- Visana Yoga- Brookings, OR
  7. July 24- Adi Shakti Kundalini Yoga Center of Boulder- Boulder, CO
  8. July 27- Arkansas Yoga Collective- Little Rock, AR
  9. July 29- Louisiana Yoga and Paddle- Ruston, LA
  10. August 1- The Yoga Sanctuary- Punta Gorda, FL
  11. August 3- Awakening  Yoga- Richmond Hill, GA
  12. August 4- 502 Power Yoga- Louisville, KY
  13. August 5- Full Body Fitness- Florence, KY
  14. August 7- Sunrise Yoga- Hayesville, NC
  15. August 8- Purple Blossom Yoga- Greenville, NC

Now, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I have shared this same list with the world. But! On here, I will be explaining just how Sarah, Niki, and myself have created not only this list, but the trip itself.

I remember scrolling on Facebook and seeing Sarah’s post about her traveling the country with Niki to teach yoga across the states. She had set up a GoFundMe account for people to make donations to, in order for the two of them to be able to buy some type of reliable transportation. I saw this and immediately thought the idea was amazing and idolized the two of them for being so brave. So, I made a donation and shared her link, encouraging others to either donate or support their trip in any way. A couple of days later, I received a Facebook message from Niki on February 19th saying that her and Sarah were so touched by my words and donations, that they would love if I would join them on their unforgettable journey! I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. The first thing that popped into my head was, “This is the summer to do it.” I ran by the idea with my dad, did some planning and researching, and said YES! I would now be a part of the Traveling Yogis! 🙂

Now, to plan! The three of us were all so incredibly busy and had such different schedules, (me with being a student at Rowan, and both of them with yoga teacher training, work, etc) but we were able to set aside every Monday morning for me to drive down from Rowan and meet the two of them at the Galloway Starbucks to do some serious emailing, mapping, and thinking!

The list you see above all came from us literally googling: *yoga studios in (insert state name here)* aside from a couple of studios on the list that I found thanks to my cousin, Mike Tamburo, who does sound therapy, with his lovely wife, Gallina. (Check them out! Google: Crown of Eternity!) We found all the appropriate contact info, and sent email after email, explaining our project, and asking to come to that person’s studio to teach a class! Now, of course, many studios did not answer, many already had their schedules full, and many were unable to have us come at a date that was convenient for all of us. BUT, there were 15 places that WERE able to make everything work out, and we know that these 15 destinations are exactly where we are meant to teach on this trip. We are also prepared for any surprises that will happen from now until then, of course!

Now, how are we getting all the way to California and back? Well, I’m glad you asked! This had to have been the most stressful part of the planning process! First, with the money we raised between our beef and beer fundraiser at JD’s in Smithville, NJ and the GENEROUS GoFundMe donations, we were able to buy a pop-up camper. But, we still needed a car to drive this camper. We thought about taking out loans to buy a van, using my SUV, and many other ideas, and soon using my car was the only option. Of course, my Dad was NOT happy about this. But then, we found out my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe couldn’t tow our 1500 lb. pop-up camper! Worst nightmare! The only option we were left with was using my car without the camper, selling the camper, and just pitching a tent every night. That’s what we were going to do UNTIL, a generous soul, by the name of Michelle Sabatini, donated her LAND ROVER to let us drive for the trip, which WILL be able to tow our little pop-up camper. The biggest stressor of the trip has finally been resolved! We have an angel looking down on us for sure (hi Mommy!) So incredibly grateful. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it after all, and this trip will be SO worth it.

So, what can you take away from this blog? *You have the power to do anything. It all starts with YOU.* Sarah, Niki, and I are just three girls who found yoga. (Or did yoga find us?) 😉 We are just like you, reading this very blog, in this very moment. What made this possible, is that we put ourselves out there SO MANY TIMES and in SO MANY WAYS and were not afraid of judgement, rejection, or anything of the sort! We poured our hearts out to countless people, with many being COMPLETE STRANGERS, and they caught our love, and sent it right on back. When you do anything in life, choose LOVE, not FEAR, and you will see all of the opportunities that come your way. Now you know a summed-up version of how this trip came to be. 15 more days, and you’ll be traveling right with us across our beautiful county. Get your maps out! 😉

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