..And we’re off!


The day is here. The car is packed. The tank is full. The anxiety is unreal.

“If not now, when?” These are the four words that inspired us to make traveling across the country to spread the love of yoga a literal dream come true.

Reading this and thinking that we’re brave, awesome souls? Awesome.

Reading this and thinking that we’re naïve, little girls? That’s awesome too.

Why are both of these things awesome? Because everyone sees the world differently. I mean, how interesting is it that two people can look at the same exact thing and get two completely different feelings from it? It’s so hard to see things as what they are, and not what they mean to us personally. No matter what kind of lenses we see the world through; we all have so much to learn. Maybe you never traveled for long distances before or maybe you are a pro traveler. Me personally? The farthest I’ve been from home is Florida. And the longest I’ve been in the farthest destination from my hometown is 2 weeks. Looks like that’s going to change! This trip would be eye opening for absolutely anyone, but will be especially eye-opening for me because I realized just how much I don’t know about our amazing country. Never having been in a different time zone and never experiencing the joy of nature through camping, I’m pretty much as inexperienced as it gets. I didn’t know what pop-up campers, tarps, or speed tents were before all of this and I know that is just the beginning of what this trip will teach me.

I offer you the opportunity to learn and grow with Niki, Sarah, and I, regardless of how much you think you know about this thing we called “life.” We will be keeping you in the loop, so let’s get this journey started! First stop, Pittsburgh, PA to see my Dad’s side of the family! Hope you’re hungry 😉

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