Staying Healthy on the Road

Today is day 10…. what?! It’s crazy how fast time flies. One minute we’re in Chicago, Illinois and the next we’re on our way to Wyoming to see Yellowstone National Park. 

I know so many family and friends were concerned when I told them that I’d be sleeping in a tent, taking showers in campgrounds, sometimes sleeping in the car, and interacting with many, many animals and humans we have never met before. Now, the moment of truth.. how AM i dealing with all of these new changes?

 First, we’ll talk about food. I was VERY concerned that my nutrition was going to go downhill on this trip, but honestly it’s pretty great. Here’s a picture of our cooler and the type of food we’ve been eating:


You’re looking at a vegan-friendly cooler here. Before the trip, I told myself I was going to try out being a vegan. Key word, TRY. So far, success! 10 days without any animal products (excluding the soup my grandmom made me on day 1 to help with my throat and some honey.) Everyone’s bodies are different and veganism may not be the best for everyone, and especially me, since I am minorly allergic to soy. This is why I’m trying it out, no pressure, no judgement, just experimental vibes! I never really ate much dairy or red meat prior to this anyway because of all the hormones, so I just had to “give up” fish, chicken, and eggs.. the only non-vegan things I really ever eat. Our diets consist of LOTS of hummus, fruits and vegetables! We also get our fix of coffee and tea when we make tea on our propane stove or buy coffee at the town’s cute little local coffee shop. And sometimes, we’ll treat ourselves and eat out for dinner. So, as far as food, I’m extremely happy.

Next, skin.

If you know me very well, you’ll know that skin is my thing. Everyone has that one thing that they’ll go to extremes for and spend so much of their time and money on and mine is skin. I was super concerned about how my skin would hold up with this traveling and not having a constant bathroom to wash my face in. But, it’s been doing pretty good. Here’s a picture of how I wash my face when there’s no sinks in campgrounds:

You’re looking at a bowl with warm boiled water from our propane stove, a mirror, my face wash, mini exfoliating beads, and my toner. This is my little set up! When I’m not doing this, we wash our faces in rest stops, laundry mats, stores, and state parks that have running water. I see an esthetician back at home on a regular basis and my skin is definitely missing her, but is holding up okay considering and I am so thankful. The longest we’ve gone without a shower is two days, so that’s not too bad either! We’ve showered at my grandmoms, a campground, a gym (for free!) and a state park. We really appreciate showers more than ever because of this trip!

For sleep, I’m actually getting way more Z’s than I thought I would be. And even more of a surprise.. my best sleep is when we sleep on our air mattress in our tent! We had to stay in a hotel one night because we were teaching very early in the morning the next day and wanted to be nearby, and none of us honestly slept that great that night. When we have to sleep in our car, which has only been 2 nights so far, we feel safe, but our bodies definitely feel it the next day. So, the tent wins for comfort! I always sleep with my pepper spray and blow horn next to me for protection as well. We go to bed around midnight and wake up around 8, on average. When I am awake, I feel much more energized and alert, which I take as a sign that I’m doing something right!

For the little things, we’ve been doing good at refilling our water bottles when we can, but we could definitey improve. We give verbal reminders to each other: “Water break!” We’re also very mindful of our gas for the car and ice situation for the cooler at all times. We’re honestly having a great time together and work well together on so many things. We know that when we’re too tired or too hungry, we need to either sleep or eat asap and put all other plans aside. We’re the type of people that appreciate the little things and get excited easily, so being bored is not an issue for us. Overall, my health is shining and I am so happy because this was definitely one of my main concerns. My body is adjusting well and I am proud to say that staying healthy while traveling in your car is not as hard as I thought! 

We are now spending the day driving from Mt. Rushmore all the way to Yellowstone National State Park, which is almost a 15 hour drive! No worries, we’re splitting up the driving, and that is why I am able to write this blog 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has been following our journey so far! 

Next stop, Yellowstone! ✨✨✨

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