Reflecting on My Journey

Today is August 10th, which means one thing.. we are home from our cross country journey! Thanks to all of our planning and having a very special guardian angel watching over us, our journey was magical, unforgettable, and most importantly safe.

As I lay in my bed and have the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing (besides unpacking, showering, and eating!) I have the opportunity to reflect and share on all I have learned. Here are a few things I have taken with me from this cross country journey:

  • WaWa > Subway!!!
    • We missed WaWa so much on this trip and found that Subway was one of the only constant food places throughout the entire country. We got WaWa as soon as we came home and how coincidental that we came back during HoagieFest!
  • When in doubt.. breathe, meditate, and get in your yoga practice time.
    • Of course there were stressful times on this trip, whether it be because of time, frustration, getting lost, or anything in between. We knew when we we needed time just to breathe, so that we didn’t freak out. Deep breathing is what saved us from breakdowns.
  • A good night’s sleep followed by at least 3 good meals are crucial for a great day.
    • You’re not you when you’re exhausted or starving! Nourishing yourself with some ZZZ’s and nutrition is key. We had to put all of our plans aside and either get some sleep or food when we were hitting our edge. Black coffee was also our best friend on this trip 😉
  • Mindfulness is everything!
    • Being on the road made us extremely mindful of when we had to go to the bathroom and how food affected our stomachs. You are what you eat is no joke. Luckily, I was successful in going 40 days without making buying, or ordering any meal with any animal products in it. Of course, I had to have a few bites of Sarah or Niki’s plate if they didn’t finish their meals, because wasted food is the worst 😉
  • No two people are exactly the same.
    • Find the beauty in everyone and have patience with people’s personalities and habits. Everyone has a journey, a story, a life, that made them who they are today. Their journey is never going to be exactly like yours. Respect that and learn from that. Embrace everyone’s uniqueness!
  • Live in the now.
    • Get off your cell phone. Stop thinking of the past or the future. Look at what is right in front of you. Take your picture and then tuck your camera away to take a mental picture instead. Talk to people. Ask questions. Listen.. not with the intention of answering, but just to take in what that person really is saying to you. I could cry thinking about all the hours that I let electronics steal from me in my life. The power of now is all too amazing, if only we pay attention to it!
  • Appreciate nature.
    • The Earth does so much for us and it’s time we do so much for it. A tree is not just a tree, a tree is life. So is a flower, a plant, a butterfly.. even a fly. Find beauty in the ocean, the sand, the mountains, the grass, the sky. Find magic in everything that was NOT man-made.
  • Fix what you can fix and ditch what you can’t.
    • Yesterday, I broke Sarah’s aromatherapy bottle as I was taking my suitcase out of the trunk. When things like this happen to me, I shake, I cry, I feel so bad! But, instead of making myself feel worse, I immediately thought of what I could do to fix it. I couldn’t put the pieces of glass back together, but I could buy her another one and have it sent to her house! I confessed what had happened and instead of making myself feel horrible all night long, I picked out the perfect massage oil for her online, and had it shipped to her house, so that I could sleep peacefully. I let go of what I could’t fix and focused on what I could, and instantly I felt better.

Theses are just a few things I learned from traveling cross country. The rest is all stored in my brain until it too needs to be shared. For my next post, look out for amazing pictures of all the delicious vegan food I had the privilege of eating all around America! 🙂

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