Veganism Around the Country

As promised, after nine days of gathering my mind, body, and soul, back to Galloway, New Jersey, I am now sharing with you some of the amazing, delicious, beautiful, vegan food that I received from others on my 40 day journey of teaching yoga cross country 🙂

For the first 10 days of our trip, we were very good with cooking and creating our own meals using our cooler and our propane stove.

After that, we really wanted to experience some great cross country dining 😉


July 10th: This is my dish from ordering the veggie fajitas from Los Compadres in Gillette, Wyoming! This was the BEST Mexican restaurant we have ever eaten at. Service and food was outstanding 🙂


July 11th and 12th: After sleeping in our car all night when we finally arrived to Yellowstone in the middle of the night, we walked into Lake Lodge to find that there were so many options for a yummy breakfast, with the tofu scramble being my choice! It was so good that we came back to eat here the following morning at 6:30am after watching the sunrise & I ordered the same thing!


July 12th: After exiting Yellowstone, we were starving for some dinner, and my friend, Jeffrey Holloway, recommended that I stop by Tumbleweed Bookstore and Cafe in Gardiner, Montana! This is the Winston wrap with spinach, hummus, sunflower seeds, carrots, sprouts, and cucumbers. So fresh. So amazing.


July 13th: We sat down at Starky’s in the cutest town of Bozeman, Montana. This picture does not even capture the yumminess of this house veggie burger. The burger was made of wild and brown rice, chickpeas, oats, mushrooms and spinach. The best part was the most delicious gluten-free bread I have ever tasted. Who said gluten-free bread had to be bland?!


July 15th: After looking for a place that had vegan options in Seattle, we found Fado’s, a friendly Irish pub! This is the roasted red pepper hummus sandwich with the farmhouse salad which included mixed greens, cucumber, red onion, dried cranberries, pickled beets, and carrots with red wine vinaigrette. Our server made it very easy to please everyone with their dietary needs 🙂


July 16th: This was the delicious dinner that Lynn Hart, owner of Visana Yoga in Brookings, Oregon, made us, when we arrived at her home! The most fresh and delicious salad and quinoa mix filled with so much love.


July 17th: For the second night’s dinner at Lynn’s we mad the most fresh and tasty guac EVER! What’s the special ingredient here??? Mangos! Such a great touch.


July 18th: After seeing some of the beautiful Redwoods Forest, we stopped at Arcata, California, and ate at a cute little place called Luke’s! I ordered the meatless wonder panini on a rosemary flaxseed gluten-free bun AND it was so flavorful! Again, not bland at all!


July 20th: San Fransisco for breakfast! We chose Dottie’s True Blue Cafe for the spot and I chose black bean cakes with fresh fruit and roasted potatoes for my meal.


July 21st: After spending the night at my friend Lex’s house in Hollywood, we made our way to downtown Santa Monica and ate at Real Food Daily. This was my favorite restaurant of the entire trip!! The whole menu was vegan, but meat lovers wouldn’t even be able to tell. I ordered these phenomenal caribbean quesadillas filled with coconut lentil puree, spinach, caramelized onions, pepperjack “cheese” with cilantro cashew creme on the top and grilled plantains, mango salsa, and guacamole on the side. And of course, because we were at an amazing vegan restaurant, we had to get vegan dessert! You’re looking at a gluten-free peanut butter cream pie, and a gluten and nut free chocolate raspberry whoopee pie. Yum!


July 22nd: The next morning we ate at EAT in the Fremont East District in Las Vegas. I ordered the Tofu Scramble with wild mushrooms, green onions, sprouts, chive potatoes, and toast!


July 23rd: We ate at Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah after teaching a class and this was also one of our fav vegan restaurants as well! Sarah and I split the breaded chicken ranch sandwich, the taco salad, and the macaroni and cheese made with cashew cheese! All vegan! Our server was so nice that she gave us complimentary vegan chocolate chip cookies too 🙂


July 24th: Another amazing vegan restaurant, Leaf! Here, Sarah and I split the vegan, gluten-free, and raw Avocado Tarte as an appetizer, I ordered the vegan crab cakes on gluten free bread with an asian vegetable soup, and Sarah and I also split the vegan oreo ice cream and vegan, gluten-free chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for dessert. Major food baby here!

July 25th: We loved Boulder, Colorado so much that we ate here again for dinner on the 25th! This time, we chose Native Foods Cafe.


I ordered the Scorpion “Burger” made of blackened tempeh, chipotle sauce, romaine, carrots, and avocado with a lemon dill potato salad and Japanese sesame crusted chicken bites.

We stayed at my Aunt Paula’s in Frisco, Texas and got some amazing home cooked meals, then made our way to Little Rock, Arkansas.


July 28th: I got my first vegan and tomato free pizza! I ordered mushrooms, spinach, and olives with dairy free pesto as the base at a cute hippie place called Izzy’s.

We then made our way to Florida and stayed with Sarah’s grandparents house in Indiatlantic, Florida, my mom-mom and Gary’s house in Gulfport, Florida, and then Niki’s friend, Julia’s, house in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.


August 2nd: Julia took us to a Japanese restaurant called Benihana and I ordered a vegetable roll with brown rice and hibachi veggies on the side.

August 5th: After taking a complementary class at 502 Power Yoga in Louisville, Kentucky after teaching there the previous night, we went to North End Cafe.


I ordered the breakfast stir-fry which consisted of seared tofu sautéed with vegetables, served with home fries and rye toast.


August 5th: For dinner that night before teaching another class, we ate at Impellizzeri’s and I ordered another vegan pizza, this time with the tomato base, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, green peppers, black and green olives, and spinach! So amazing!

We then headed to North Carolina to stay with our new friend Kathy in Hayesville! She greeted us with amazing vegan tacos and thai food. We had so much fun with her and Julie, the owner of the studio we were teaching at the following day, and then we made our way to Asheville.


August 7th: I totally fell in love with Asheville! We chose to eat at the Laughing Seed Cafe and Sarah and I split the vegan cheese trio featuring boursin, nacho cheese, and white cheddar as an appetizer. This was the first time I had cheese and crackers in forever and it felt amazing knowing they were vegan! For my entree, I ordered the omega hemp nut burger, and for dessert Sarah and I split that beautiful vegan chocolate peanut butter dessert!


There you have it, my friends! Some awesome pictures and descriptions of all the vegan food I was lucky enough to experience all over the United States. I am now back to my almost vegan lifestyle. Although, I would love to be vegan all the time, it is just not right for me for a couple of reasons. 1) I am allergic to soy… a vegan’s worst nightmare. It is not a severe allergy, just digestive stuff happens, but the point is that I did not honor by body when I ate soy as my protein for this trip. But again, it was just a 40 day experiment, and I am glad I did it. Also, there aren’t any 100 % vegan restaurants where I live! We thankfully now have Greens and Grains, but that is just a salad, wrap, smoothie, and juice place in both Ventnor and Northfield. For an actual sit down place, the pickings are slim. Thank God for The Spot in Northfield though. If you live in South Jersey, I suggest you try it out! So, with that said, I choose to now eat eggs (OMG I missed my breakfast omelets SO MUCH,) chicken, turkey, and fish. I really only truly enjoy fish and I will eat chicken and turkey if there are no other options. I still choose not to eat dairy. That’s my choice for my body. What’s yours?!

3 thoughts on “Veganism Around the Country

    • aprilshowersyoga says:

      Hi Ellie! Thank you so much for your comment and for reading my post 🙂 The easy part was taking pictures. The hard part was remembering all the names of the restaurants and what I ordered… google helped a lot! To find vegan friendly restaurants on my trip, I used Yelp a lot by typing in vegan restaurants near me and going off of pictures and reviews to decide.
      Can’t wait to check out your blog now 🙂

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