My Version of Cleansing

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending and participating in Jen Pastiloff’s FIRST EVER “Girl Power: You Are Enough” workshop in Princeton, NJ at Yoga Stream!


In the workshop, we journaled, danced, laughed, cried, and of course did some amazing yoga together! There were a couple “exercises” we did in our journals that stuck out to me and resonated with me deeply that I want to share with you:

  1. Start your journal entry with, “In order to be where I want to be & be really happy, I need to…” and write until you can’t anymore.
  2. Start your journal entry with, “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” and write all the things you would do if fear wasn’t in your life.
  3. Start your journal entry with, “I, (fill in name here) give myself a medal for.. and write down as many reasons as possible of why you deserve a medal.
  4. Write a letter to yourself from someone who loves you unconditionally in their words.

We took turns standing up an reading what we had written out loud to all the girls in the room. It was so incredibly freeing and heart opening. I cannot wait to incorporate some of this into my yoga classes! In fact, I’m making a vow to pass out sticky notes in tomorrow’s yoga class and have each student partake in the first exercise! Wow, see. Just do it. It’s not just a Nike slogan, it’s a way of life.

While in Princeton, I stopped by Arlee’s Raw Blends and decided to continue my mind, body, and spirit cleanse. I picked up six juices and a shot of wheatgrass that I am now drinking today!


There were three options to choose from that included different juices.. Release, Relieve, and Refine, with release having the most fruit ingredients and with refine having all vegetable and no fruit ingredients. I chose the middle on, Relieve, and also replaced the sixth juice with a turmeric blend instead of the almond juice because of my allergy to them.

Do I love juicing? Yes. Is it easy? Ehh, depends. The super green drinks (kale blends) are a little tough for me to get down all at once, but I know that my taste buds just simply aren’t used to it yet. The more I juice, the more I actually like the taste of it. It makes me so simply happy knowing all the good that I am doing for my body, even just for one day, like today.

Reading form a dependable source is the best thing we could, so I bought two books from Arlee’s Raw Blends and stopped by Infinit-T Cafe and Spice Souk while in Princeton to grab a vegan bite and do some reading.


I even treated myself to a vegan matcha (green tea) cupcake!


And yes, I still consider this part of my little cleanse that I’m doing right now because I know I deserved it.

So you see, this is what cleansing means to me.. mind, body, and soul cleansing. Being kind to yourself. Being present. Being aware. Being you. My version of cleaning is actually FUN! What’s yours?!

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