5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Roadtrip

Here I am, in Chicago, Illinois, after taking a yoga class taught by the one and only Rachel Brathen, more commonly known as “yoga girl.” Rachel has guided me in creating space in my body, mind, and soul tonight, and I am feeling at peace. I now wait in line for her to sign my book, and while I do, I thought it would be beneficial to jounal and share about why I think everyone needs a roadtrip in their lives.

1) It will inevitably make you set an intention for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you have a destination, it just matters that you have an intention. If you decide to take a roadtrip, chances are you’ll want to come back feeling more *fill in the blank.* For me, this roadtrip’s intention was to accept myself, others, and my life just the way it is. To go with the flow, instead of resist all that is. I wasn’t sure what my intention was when I left, but it kind of just came to me. I am exactly where I need to be. I make peace with everything that has happened in the past because it brought me to this moment. I have faith that everything that will happen in the future will be because the universe has my back. I will not try to change others, but instead will simply always offer my love. All I can do is love others and myself to the best of my ability. And this roadtrip has taught me that.

2) It will test your ability to stay present.

When you’re on the road, your mind wanders off. You get lost in the song, in the roads, in the landscape.. in everything. And sometimes you do need to get lost or feel lost so that you can come back to yourself with a clearer mind. But, you cannot spend the entire trip getting lost, or you may actually find yourself physically lost and not know how you got there! It is just as important to stay present as it is to get lost. For me, I like to “get lost” in whatever it may be and then come to be present to reality. I am present to my feelings, thoughts, breathe, and body. Of course, sometimes this is uncomfortable, but I accept whatever is occuring within me, instead of getting angry or denying it. If there is discomfort in my back, I breathe into that place to ease it.. if my mind is in a million places, I try seperating my thoughts with my breathe.. if my heart is feeling heavy, I send positive light and love right onto it with my breathe. It’s all about facing what is happening, rather than running from it, and the breathe is a great tool to do just that. By focusing on the present moment, the only moment that truly exists, you are able to understand who you are and accept whatever that may be. It’s funny that sometimes you need to “get away” in order to “be here.”

3) It will open not only your eyes, but your heart as well.

I’ll never forget telling everyone after my 40-day cross country roadtrip this past summer.. “It’s incredible how much teaching yoga across the states has opened my heart.. it made me believe in love, and I didn’t even set that as my intention!” You may want to travel the country or the world to see new things, and you will! But, I hope you’re ready to feel new things as well. Even if you think you’re not ready, you are, because I was without even knowing it. The time is now. I dare to you go feel something you’ve never felt before.

4) Being in such an unfamiliar territory will empower you. 

After driving to Chicago, staying in an apartment, eating vegan meals, and meeting Rachel Brathen, I realized all that I AM capable of. Do people think I’m crazy for driving 12 hours just to take a yoga class with a yogi named Rachel? You bet! Is that any of my business that people may think that? Nope! Every decisision I make in my life is for my soul. Me. No one else. Roadtripping has made me realize how much I am in control of my life. Every moment, I have the power to create. I no longer live for what others want, I live for what I want, and to allow my soul love in every moment. Every single one. The good and the bad, the ups and the downs, I find love in it all. And by doing that, I am able to call every single experience magical, because I have created it that way. I was born to create. I am going to create miracles.

5) For the pictures, duh! 



There you have it.. now go plan a roadtrip of your own! You won’t regret it.

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