I’ll Miss You, lululemon Cherry Hill

Never did I think that I’d miss a retail job so much. But, that’s because this wasn’t a retail job.

It was so much more.

This role taught me more about myself than I even thought was possible.

I had the chance to create some kick-ass  goals with this template that the company provided me with during my on-boarding training:



I couldn’t believe all that I was capable of envisioning once I was given the space to create it.

After diving into my goals and learning about the company’s product and culture, I was then forced out of my comfort zone to talk to guests and educate them on all things lululemon! I felt that I was “bad” at the typical approach, so I went with my own. I used my favorite: human connection. I felt that guests would care more about what I had to say if they first felt more connected to me. And in my experience, I was right. By simply asking how someone’s day was going, what their job was, how many children they had, where they were from, what they loved to do to sweat, and what makes their heart glow, I was able to connect with so many individuals, and then educate them on something they had not already known about our product. That’s how I educated.

What did I do when I wasn’t educating? I bonded with the people I worked with. What they say is true.. your co-workers will either make or break your job experience.  And mine was made.

Slowly but surely, they each made their way into my heart.

Without them.. I wouldn’t have..


..discovered LifePower Yoga at LifeTime and fell in love


..gotten over my fear and took my first Cross Fit class and LOVED it


and went again



and again and again









..experienced being taught yoga by African Yoga Teachers at Anjali


as part of the Africa Yoga Project










..and went to Anjali again


and again










..discovered Orange Theory Fitness and back-to-back workouts


..ran 5 miles (8K) with my team without stopping!


..and got to create such genuine bonds


with such amazing people









These people have seen me at my absolute worst, mid meltdown, and have literally gotten down on their hands and knees to help me in times of need. But, do you know what the best part is about this group of individuals?

They all supported me, were excited for me, and loved me even more when they understood that I made the decision to leave for my happiness. They are all true friends.

I’ve only been with these people for 7 months, and some even less, but it feels like forever. The people I worked with, our kick-ass ambassadors, the guests, the culture, the visions and goals.. will forever go with me on my journey in this life.

lululemon Cherry Hill, thank you for everything. I will miss you.



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