10 Reasons Why heart beet kitchen Will Always Have my Heart


heart beet kitchen.. ever heard of it?

If you’re from South Jersey, you may have. If you’re from North Jersey, you probably haven’t unless you heard it from me. It was my full time job back in South Jersey. But the truth is, it was so much more than my job, it was my home away from home.

In my recent move to North Jersey, I made a goal to go to as many health food/juice/smoothie/acai bowl/plant based places as I could, in hopes of bringing the feeling of heart beet kitchen with me up here.

I’m so sorry North Jersey,  but I’m disappointed. Not in the quality. No way. Your juices, bowls, smoothies, and food are all great.

It’s the feeling. It’s the vibe. It’s the people.

I guess it’s no secret that people may not be as warm and friendly up here. But, of course I still had hope. Hope that I would find somewhere like heart beet.

Here’s 10 reasons why heart beet kitchen is so special. And so unforgettable.

  1. The people I worked with. We were a family.

    Here we are at our holiday/one year party.


    Being treated to dinner as our holiday present by our boss- like cmon… #blessed


    Everyone at Pete and I’s goodbye dinner :((((( So sad.

    I have single-handidly shared my insecurities and problems in front of all of these people. They all have seen me cry, scream, stress, and still love me anyway. I know I could call up any of these people, still after a month of not working there, and nothing will have changed. This is for you, guys. For all the hugs, laughs, and talks, in between serving and smoothie making. You made work not feel like work. And that is the ultimate goal.

  2. I had an incredible boss, who always helped me out when I was having a hard time outside of work. And that happened a good amount of times. She was way more than my boss though, she was my friend. I was lucky.IMG_6383

  3. The customers! The regulars. They have my heart. And clearly I had theirs because I was given so many going away presents by them all. Below is a picture of me holding “Going Away” balloons given to me by our neighbors, Westmont Party. IMG_6346.JPGI kid you not, certain people said they just came in because they wanted to talk. They would sit at the bar and fill me in on their life and would always leave feeling better about themselves than when they came in. The connection I had with them was unreal, and that made the transition that much harder.

  4. The free community yoga! I mean, come on, what other restaurant do you know that offers free yoga at the same time every single week in their space? I was lucky to be in charge of that and teach it weekly before my Saturday shift. Here is a picture of one of our largest yoga classes, with a special guest, Roxie!IMG_5198.JPG

  5. The food!!!!!
    Our entrees, our desserts, everything. All the rage. All the flavor. All in a heart beet.

  6. Dogs are not only allowed, but encouraged!
    Here’s a picture of my dad and my dog, Roxie, when they visited me at work. IMG_6272.JPGWe could expect someone with a dog to come in at least once a week, and it was never frowned upon. Sit outside, sit inside, it’s all good.

  7. Working with my best friend and boyfriend.
    Customers would come in all the time and say “Your boyfriend did this for me,” or “Your best friend did that,” or “You guys are so cute,” and it was the most fulfilling thing to hear. Being around these two during even just some of my shifts made all the difference. They are why it felt so much like my home away from home.

  8. We were rare, we were appreciated, we were a “go to” place.
    In North Jersey, there’s a lot more of a health focus. I’ve been to 7 different places like heart beet, and they’re not that special to people around them, because they can travel another 15 minutes to find something similar. That is so not the case in South Jersey. Vegan and health-goers would travel from very, very far away to dine with us. Some left with tears in their eyes because they were so grateful we existed. heart beet is starting a serious movement in South Jersey. I’m just lucky to have been a part of it.

  9. I actually volunteered to work there on Mother’s Day.IMG_6094.JPGYou know, probably the busiest restaurant holiday of the year. Yeah, I chose to work, not only so other people could spend the day with their mothers that were still alive, but so that I could be around so many people, instead of feeling so alone. I even broke down to a customer on this day, and wound up hugging them so tightly when I opened my heart and told them I had lost my mom. It made them appreciate their family so much more. It was a crazy day, but so incredibly rewarding.

  10. Because it was the hardest thing to say goodbye to.

    And it still is. Unfortunately, I did not find anywhere that has yet remind me of this place even in the slightest. And maybe, I never will. Who knows? What’s more important is that a place like this did exist, and forever will, both in memory and in heart.

Thanks for everything, heart beet. 


I’ll always miss you.

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