Meet April ⇒

A child that grew up with divorced parents, a daughter that lost her beautiful, strong mother to cancer, a virgo who is too hard on herself, a skin care lover who struggles with her own, a free spirit that longs to travel, a yoga teacher that aims to inspire and fufill, and a girlfriend that has finally opened her heart to a relationship.

This is me where I am now.

Some trainings I went through to get to the present moment:

  • Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at The Zen Den
  • Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Baptiste-Inspired Training at Grow Yoga
  • Wake Up Yoga Yin Yoga 30 Hour Teacher Training
  • Crown of Eternity 20 Hour Gong Resonance Sound Therapy Training
  • Schwinn 9 Hour Indoor Cycling Training
  • Mental Health First Aid USA 8 Hour Training
  • Rowan University 10 Hour Motivational Interviewing Training
  • Rowan University 10 Hour Cholesterol Screening Training
  • Rowan University 8 Hour Blood Pressure Screening Training


Now tell me about you, and your present moment. I’m always here to listen:

›  aprilshowersyoga@gmail.com

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